Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Short(-Rib) Cut

A little while ago, I remember watching Paula Deen's Food Network show. I was certainly enthralled and mildly concerned at all the butter and oil going into the dishes, but what caught my attention most was the following sentence:

"Sprinkle some kosher salt on the bacon."

If you aren't already marveling that Ms. Deen is salting an already salty food, you might have noticed the irony of using kosher salt with bacon. In fact, she does in many of her recipes. I understand that the texture of kosher salt is different, but so is that of flaky sea salt.

Ms. Deen, could you please stop offending my sensibilities? I mean, I consider myself a religious tolerant, and a multiculturalist. I believe in unlikely friendships that transcend cultural expectations (see also, Romeo & Juliet). Still, I draw the line when "multicultural" means "making cross-cultural alliances between two foods that were never meant to be friends."


  1. Love this post, can't "stomach" Ms. Deen... Bobby Flay "rubs" me the wrong way too...but great insight into the downfalls of the American "salad" of multiculturalism. (I use "salad" instead of melting pot, remind me sometime and I'll do a post on that.) Nice work, nice work indeed.

  2. Her headshot on the front page of her website is freaking me out...

  3. Klick: Salad indeed. With an unfortunately overpowering WASP salad dressing.

    Brian: I know. She's a little overwhelming in many ways.