Wednesday, October 21, 2009

No, I *Know* I Can't Dance

I understand the appeal of talent reality shows. I even understand the appeal of non-talent-based reality shows. But I don't think I've ever understood So You Think You Can Dance.

Why is it that every time I stumble across this show (before the infinitely superior Glee), it looks like ev-er-y-body is advancing to the next round? I'm not even kidding. Last week I thought they were advancing people to the top twenty. Tonight I think I saw *six people in a row* get promoted to the top twenty. Did they do this two weeks in a row or am I mistaken?

And okay, I understand there are different styles (our top twenty apparently specialize in contemporary, jazz, krump, hip-hop, ballroom, and tap), but why do they all look to me like spinning, kicking, lurching bodies? I don't see a pattern, I don't see a rationale, and I don't understand why this is fun for people to watch.

I don't think I'm uncoordinated or gawky, in spite of the ridiculous number of bruises that always bedeck my limbs. I have in fact had dancers tell me that I walk like a dancer ("with great turnout"), but perhaps I should have taken more than one ballet class as a kid. For Glee or American Idol, I can understand the talent because I know when the "good" people aren't actually that good. And with Glee, you get the added bonus of dance *and* song, *AND* acting (but maybe that's because it's the best new show on television this fall).

Do you have to be a good dancer to appreciate dance?

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